VOA is a nonprofit organization with a ministry of service for 122 years that includes nearly 16,000 professional employees in offices around the United States dedicated to helping those in need rebuild their lives and reach their full potential.

AVMHB/VOALA have created an affordable ADU program that provides housing for displaced/disabled veterans and at risk youth.  Our mission is developing housing alternatives and training for the at-risk population. This program also provides mental and physical service to the residents that live in theses homes coupled with job training in the construction industry that establishes the foundation steps for permanent careers.

The key to success with VOALA’s housing program are the social services that are included.  Through the use of a comprehensive health/mental health assessment wrap-around service approach, self-sufficiency and independence are fostered and maintained with a continual linkage to support series administered by VOALA.

VOALA/AVMHB offices are in the heart of skid row in the City of Los Angeles.  The team consists of professionals with experience in housing developments as well as mental and physical health care services.