AVMHB/VOALA has developed a cost-effective, rapid and scalable approach to increasing the stock of affordable housing for families that would like to add an ADU for family members or a rental unit for additional income.  Affordable ADU’s will give families a better way to age in place by turning back yards into income generators while providing a partial solution to the affordable housing crisis.

Pre-Qualification – All interested clients in our ADU program must first obtain loan pre-qualification from an approved lender or a lender of their choice.  

On-site meeting – Once the client is loan approved, an on-site meeting at the client’s property will be scheduled. During the meeting details will be covered including the lots accessibility, plan preference, options, pricing, financing and the construction time-line.  The necessary real estate forms will be completed and executed at this time.

Permitting – All required permits will be obtained by AVMHB.

Construction – All construction services are managed by AVMHB’s licensed Contractor. 

Questions – Email your questions in the space provided under the CONTACT tab, you will receive a prompt reply.