The following process will be followed when working with Cities, Counties and Governmental Agencies:

  • Preliminary meeting with the Agency.
  • Identification of financing structures, specific down payment required, use of second trust deeds and any State or Federal bond programs.
  • Identification of specific housing needs for the various at-risk populations (veterans, at-risk youth, homeless or special needs).
  • AVMHB/VOALA have collaborated on job training/career placement programs for Veterans and At-Risk Youth.
  • Specific mental and/or health care wraparound services required by the client.
  • Pre-qualification of the property owners that would like to participate in the program.  Specific details relating to the funding mechanisms required will be covered in this meeting.
  • An on-site meeting will be held with the property owner and any other necessary personnel to discuss accessibility, options, construction time- lines and the status of financing.
  • All required permits will be obtained by AVMHB/VOALA and are included in the program at no cost.