AVMHB’s management team has extensive experience in the residential building industry resulting including the development of over 20 communities and the construction of thousands of homes.  By employing a hand-on approach in all aspects of our company operations, we continue to build positive relationships between out skilled team of employees and the homebuyer.

AVMHB/VOALA have developed a cost-effective, rapid and scalable approach to increasing the stock of affordable housing for families that would like to add an ADU for family members or a rental unit for additional income.  Low-cost ADU’s will give families a better way to age in place by turning back yards into income generators while providing a partial solution to the affordable housing crisis.

The need for multi-family options within an existing single family property is significant.  As the region has grown, the supply of affordable housing has not.  AVMHB/VOALA is supplying this market with high quality, low-cost ADU’s to help satisfy the shortage of affordable housing units.