For-profit mission statement-
To address the affordable housing crisis in the LA Basin by constructing low cost ADU’s in the back yards of existing home owners while providing employment and job training for veterans. For-Profit Vision-As the region has grown, the supply of housing has not. There is currently a housing supply crisis, which is more pronounced relative to availability in the low-cost housing sector. The need for multi-family options within an existing single family property is significant. AVMHB will supply this market with quality, low-cost ADU’s that will give families a way to better age in place by turning back yards into income generators while providing a partial solution to the low-cost housing shortage crisis.

The for-profit arm of AVMHB will deal with the general public on lots suitable for the installation of an ADU. The initial goal will be to sell and construct 30-50 units/year. AVMHB will provide the construction services under the framework of our joint venture with Volunteers of America. The ADU’s used by the non and for-profit ventures will be the same floor plans. However, the amenities offered will differ as well as the available elevations. The desired method of installation will be to roll or crane the unit onto an existing pad constructed by AVMHB. Stick built units will also be available for limited access back yards.

The development and construction of a website will be the central part of the marketing program. The website will address the different aspects and applications for our two central marketplaces; non-profit and for-profit. Care must be taken on the website to accurately define and illustrate these separate marketplaces. By utilizing tabs to guide visitors to their specific areas of interest the website will compliment the combined missions and visions of VOA and their affiliation with AVMHB. Quality construction and amenities will be emphasized to overcome the publics perception of modular housing. Attractive illustrations and floor plans and their cost effective and sustainable
nature can be effectively used to show potential clients the advantages of including an ADU on their property.

VOA’s affiliations with various agencies throughout the greater LA Basin will be cultivated to create client referrals. Other vehicles to consider will be direct mail from lists of suitable sized lot owners and door to door leaflets hand delivered in subdivisions with suitable locations and lot sizing. In addition, U-Tube and Instagram will be utilized in conjunction with our domain names Mini-Homes .org, .net and. com to further enhance our client base.

All potential clients will require pre-qualification through our lender, Capital Bank and Trust. Our website will contain links for interested clients to obtain and complete the necessary pre-qualification forms as well as an email link to provide communication with a representative from AVMHB.

A sales staff licensed through the California Department of Real Estate will be used to interact with the general public. After a client has successfully pre-qualified, a sales and construction associate will conduct an inspection of the clients property in order to determine its adaptability for an ADU. The difference in the cost of rolling or crane lifting can be determined at that time along with the specific elevation and floor plan desired by the client. The paperwork involved in the sales transaction will be filled out and executed to provide a binding contract. A construction time-line can be determined thus completing the pre-development phase of the venture.