Our Story

Volunteers of America, Los Angeles (VOALA) and their affiliate American Veterans Mini Home Builders, are utilizing modular homes to develop and build this model. VOALA has already purchased three properties of single-family homes in L.A. County – the first alternative dwelling unit will be completed within 30 days, the other two within 60 days, we are completing the negotiations on the development of a 120 unit mini home community housing development in West San Bernardino for high risk families.


The selection of mini-homes is 456 sq. ft. to 720 sq. ft. (two-bedroom units) and 860 sq. ft. (three-bedroom, two bath units) which can accommodate 2 to 6 people. The first property consists of a 456 sq. ft., two bedroom and the two additional homes are three-bedrooms in each unit.


To provide a scalable semi-transportable solution to a reachable portion of the chronic homeless population in Los Angeles County.


Provide temporary to permanent monitored housing for the homeless population, targeting newly homeless individuals and “reachable” homeless as our initial goal.